Back to normal…..

rtc-woodbridge-road-0021Getting drenched & being shouted at…. Serious RTC in Guildford this evening, Police Officer shouts “What are you doing?” I tell him no need to shout, & fish out my press card. He tells me that I am inside the cordon, I tell him that I am not, I walked here freely & not a single trace of cordon tape or police officers were between where I was standing & where I came from.

According to Surrey Police this morning, unfortunately the elderly victim did not survive.


New Bag


Got fed up with transporting the Elinchrom lights in the Elinchrom hard case which holds three heads but not much else, or using an Elinchrom tube case, which only holds two flash-heads & having the third rattling around so found an Elinchrom 3 head Soft Location Bag, which was a clearance item at The Flash Centre, which was £20 off retail. Pleased with it as it carries 2x D-Lite4  & a D-Lite2 (with standard reflectors), plus mains leads, Sync Leads, PocketWizards, Flash meter and a couple of 20cm reflectors as well.

I am sure that this will make transporting the lights to client sites a lot easier, also will look more professional. The light stands, background stands, additional reflectors & modifiers and associated gubbins will roll in a Peli 1650 Case. Nice!



attachment-1aHaving sorted one D-lite last week, I decided that I should tackle one of my older ones, a EL250, which has started smoking (I know dirty habit) almost as soon as it is switched on. Figured that it was possible something causing a small short or possibly a build up of dust inside the casing, I thought that I should at least have a look. A bit more complicated to strip down than the D-Lite & there are no teardowns on the web for them (at least that I could find). Anyway out of the case came a shit load of dust & a loose screw (I assume that the previous owner may have had a play). I couldn’t see anything obviously wrong with it, reassembled it & now it works fine.

Today was…..

21/01/2017.  Chobham Rugby v Dover RFC Dom SAMMUT scores

21/01/2017. Chobham Rugby v Dover RFC Dom SAMMUT scores

Today was a nice day, bloody cold but bright, photographing “sheepses” & musicos in the morning and Egg Chasing in the afternoon, just about every football match that I could have covered was frozen off, or else they were playing away from home.

On Friday I went to have a look at an Elinchrom Flash to add to the kit that I already have, it was a reasonable price to start with, however after switching it on for a few minutes something went pop &  the flash died, tried a different lead, still dead. Also the locking mechanism on the mount was broken, Seller suggested £20 to take it away.

Got home, checked fuses, bingo fixed, then to tackle the mount, Dismantled & reassembled, now also fixed. Nice!


Today was mostly..

14/01/2017.  Farnborough v Barton Rovers. Sam PEARCE hits the woodwork

14/01/2017. Farnborough v Barton Rovers. Sam PEARCE hits the woodwork

Taking photos, including Farnborough FC winning they scored 4 could have been 6 or 7. main photos will be in the Aldershot News & Mail at the weekend.