Wimbledon v Southend

25/03/2017. AFC Wimbledon v Southend United. Match Action.

Was sent to cover AFC Wimbledon v Southend United. Unfortunately no goals for The Dons. Prior to kick off there was a minutes silence in memory of those that lost their lives or were injured in the attack on the Palace of Westminster.

25/03/2017. AFC Wimbledon v Southend United. Match Action.


Very Impressed…


Sent my ageing Canon 16-35mm F2.8L away to The Lens Doctor for repair as it was incapable of producing a sharp image. I was purchased some 16 years ago & Canon wouldn’t touch it. So anyway a mere £239 and the lens has been fixed & returned, and what a job they have done. It has been completely stripped down, cleaned, repaired, parts replaced and returned.

I have shot a few test images and it seems every bit as good as the day that it was purchased. Despite being a heavily used lens, the focus & zoom rings are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The weather seal has been replaced, in fact it seems a shame to stick my battered old lens hood on it.

I have no connection with The Lens Doctor other than being a very satisfied customer.

The details of the work required is shown below.

Stated Fault: Lens producing soft results /service

Observations: The lens looks in used cosmetic condition, showing small external wear on paintwork and fixings (some small paint wear commensurate with age), there is also slight wear on the lens grips and rubbers. The internal glass has an amount of dust/ debris on all the elements, suggesting there is a slight covering of environmental oils and dust throughout the lens. The Electronics/mechanics of the lens after inspection and test have shown a loose central corrector group carrier, the lens will require to be fully disassembled to re new bushes and to secure loose barrel assembly.

Estimate: The lens requires a complete disassembly for internal repair, replacing the Central Corrector group’s bushes and securing drive assembly. The lens also requires a general service including Clean, Lubricated and adjusted, giving principal consideration to the focus movement, this involves stripping out the entire focusing mechanism system and movements from the lens. Assemble all parts and secure loose Guides and key ways (Corrector Group), and re-assemble internal focusing movement, and I.C. assembly’s new internal bearings/bushing kit, re-align focus, collimate re-centre element groups and calibrate, test back to standard.

PARTS: The lens performance will be seriously affected by the movement of the Corrector Group carrier, which hopefully will be secured by new bearings/bushes, but I cannot ascertain the full extent of wear on the carrier housing until I have entered the lens. Also the lens requires a securing of Guides and key set bearings kit. I have priced for the parts which I will have to order.

  1. Key Guides bearings and bushing kit assembly.
  2. May require Central Corrector group carrier assembly

COST:  Disassemble all function parts Including mechanics and glass, check and inspect internal functionality and Helicoids action. Remove all mechanical assemblies, clean glass and element groups. Inspect and investigate all mechanical lens movements, check tolerances and re-new housing bearings. Re-install Power Diaphragm, Iris motor and drive unit and assembly, check and re-new barrel Key Guides and bearings. Re align and fully re –centre, collimate helicoids and align, calibrate aperture system reassemble, seal and fully test.

TOTALS: For full repair, test and bring back to standard   £239.00

               : Postage and Packing at cost


Love This Stuff…




Having a number of Apple power supplies & charging leads with “issues”,  usually fraying near the case or plug, Sugru is excellent for reinforcing weak points or poor designs. I never was much cop with modelling clay, but even I have managed some serviceable repairs to iPhone leads,  Apple Mac chargers and the such like.

I had not been able to find any recently, but a chance visit to B&Q last week in search of something unrelated & they had shed loads of the stuff.


Guildford City 1 – 2 Woking FC

GCFC v Woking FC 0238

15/03/2017. Guildford City goal scorer Kyie Martin

Guildford City played Woking FC in the Semi Final of the Specsavers Surrey Senior Cup last night, despite going ahead in the 23rd minute, they were unable to hold on, conceding a last minute winner. More importantly City gave Woking a game, despite the difference in where they are in the footballing pyramid.

Unlucky City, but they can hold their heads high.

Expensive Month….


The Golf needs a new door lock module, as it is a little temperamental, it will always lock on the key, but on the remote, sometimes it will & sometimes it won’t, so it is booked into the stealership for a replacement, whilst there they will have a look at a small oil leak as well.

I have also ordered a new vinyl backdrop which should hopefully be here tomorrow plus the repair of  the 16-35mm F2.8L means, plus with the other expenses this month means eating feathers for the next few weeks….