Fulham v Barnsley

Fulham v Barnsley 469

23/12/2017. Fulham v Barnsley. Action from the SkyBet Championship at Craven Cottage. Fulham’s Floyd AYITE scores

Photographed Barnsley twice in 8 days, last weekend against Brentford, this weekend against Fulham. Barnsley provided an entertaining match in both, but Fulham were able to eek out a win.

Brentford v Barnsley


Yesterday I was at Brentford v Barnsley I only photographed the first half as I appear to have the Norovirus which made being more than a few yards from a WC very uncomfortable. Quite how Brentford didn’t win, or even score was surprising.

Feeling as rough as a badgers arse!

QPR v Leeds United 059

Not shot anything this week as I  have felt too rough to even leave my pit, but I did shoot QPR v Leeds at the weekend & I am at Brentford v Barnsley on Saturday.

Love a Derby Game

Brentford v Fulham 023

This time it was Brentford v Fulham.