Bang! Bang! Your Dead!

From  30 November 2008.  Police guard the scene of a Police shooting at Guildford Cathedral tonight

From 30 November 2008. Police guard the scene of a Police shooting at Guidlfrod Cathedral tonight

Police in Surrey shot dead a man that was alleged to have been armed with a firearm, within the grounds of the Guildford Cathedral. The incident happened at about 1500hrs on Sunday afternoon, the Police Complaints Commission have been called in to carry out an enquiry. However, when I phoned the Surrey Police Voice Bank at 1830, the only announcement (which was added at 1820) was about a single vehicle collision in Hooley, in which one person was injured. Not a mention of the fact that Surrey Police had shot dead someone.

A phone call to the Command and Control room, resulted with some muppet who would only say “No Comment” despite the fact that all I wanted was a location. Surrey Police are probably not the least media friendly force in the UK, but fuck me they are useless. When Milly Dowler was abducted they denied for two days that there was an abduction, then they came, late, to the media expecting us to run a huge campaign on their behalf. They could learn a lot from Sussex Police in how to manage the media.

Really Bizarre though is a quote from the BBC website:

The cathedral was made famous by The Omen – when a young boy sees the spire and the building comes into view he is thrown into a rage. He foams and the mouth and tries to bite his mother.
The cathedral’s dean, Victor Stock, has said the filmmakers should never have been allowed to use the building because it made some people frightened to come in

trust me the reason they are frightened to go to the cathedral is because it is probably full of Paedophile Church representatives not because it appeared in a film in 1976.

WOW that’s a long one!

 Bryan Ferry  arrives at Doubles Night Club Opening

Bryan Ferry arrives at Doubles Night Club Opening

Day that is, a Long day! Left home at the crack of dawn yesterday, then last night I ended up at the grand opening of a nightclub in Islington, called “Doubles”.

The only reason that I am at the night club is that there is apparently a guest list with a host of celebrity names on it. I say celebrities, to be honest the majority of them I would not recognise if they sat on my face, well, excepting the fact that they “were sitting on my face”.

The only one that I truly recognised was Bryan Ferry. But there were others, including Jaime Winston (Ray Winston’s daughter), Stings daughter Coco, Paul Wellers’ son, Nat, there seems to be a theme here….

Also Alfie Allen, Sharleen Spiteri, James Brown (not ‘the’ James Brown, obviously, but a celeb hairdresser),Miuccia Prada (of Prada Fashion House) and designer Pam Hogg.

Hmmm, strangely enough I didn’t know who the F*ck any of them were! Eventually made it home a little before 0400hrs.

Sharleen Spiteri arrives at Doubles

Sharleen Spiteri arrives at Doubles

Designer/Singer Pam Hogg arrives at Doubles Night Club Opening

Designer/Singer Pam Hogg arrives at Doubles Night Club Opening

 Nat Weller, son of musician Paul Weller arrives at Doubles Night Club Opening

Nat Weller, son of musician Paul Weller arrives at Doubles Night Club Opening

Baby P

baby-p-itvnews_1114545cThe tragic story about the failings of the system that resulted in the death of a young child. How many times have we heard this?

Anyway whilst the names of those involved are widely known in the media circles it has not been widely circulated outside the news industry, until now. No I am not going to name and shame, but if you don’t already know, you will probably receive a text message soon, giving the names and address of the alleged perpetrators of the acts of cruelty. I was surprised to receive one a few days ago.

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Samira and Hanan Fariad

Samira and Hanan Fariad, 31 Pictured having lunch after visit to Solicitors Office

Samira and Hanan Fariad, 31 Pictured having lunch after visit to Solicitors Office

I spent a number of days in the last couple of weeks looking at the Fariad twins, who last week settled out of court for £10,000,000 (or £4 million, depending upon which newspaper you believe) in an industrial tribunal case against their employer. The case was initially subject to reporting restrictions, which when you know what was going on, it is not surprising that the bank wanted to keep the content out of the media.

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Today I have been mostly….

Pictured today at the Life Works Re-Hab Centre, Amy Winehouses partner

Pictured today at the Life Works Re-Hab Centre, Amy Winehouses partner

Standing around outside the Life Works re-hab centre waiting to get a frame, or three of Amy Whinehouse’s partner who is finishing his prison sentence in Re-hab.

Despite the sunshine, it was probably one of the coldest days so far this year. Mind you I’d rather that than the pissing rain that we had on Monday.

Doubt that I will get any makes as there were several other snappers there, however, if you happen to see my by-line anywhere please let me know.

Speed Retard!

speedretardI saw this sign recently and I was unsure if it was an order or just a statement of fact. It was taken at the Brookwood Memorial Cemetery in Pirbright.

I shall leave it for you to decide.

Needless to say that I took it as an order and complied…

They tried to make me go to rehab ….

life-works-woking-gv-0007but I said ‘no, no, no, YES”

Spent all day Saturday looking for Amy WineHouse’s boyfriend, who is in Rehab at the Life Works Centre in Old Woking. Glorious weather, it rained pretty much none stop all day and the only photos I have to prove my endeavour is a couple of GVs.

Blake Civil Fielder, or whatever his name is, is in Rehab as part of his early release conditions, he is under curfew and is tagged. I can’t forsee that he will be seen out and about in the next few weeks, I also imagine that visits by his daft bird will be limited if not actually prohibited.

However that will not stop the National Papers and the Paparazzi from being camped outside for the next few weeks.

Skid Bang

skid-bang001On the way to a job this morning I saw the aftermath of a police prang. Nothing spectacular unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon your point of view.

The old bill took out a traffic light standard, no doubt chasing someone who had committed a really serious offence such as parking on double yellow lines or smoking a cigarette whilst driving.
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I Have been busier lately

gurpal-virdi-at-tribunal-0004 Have been a little busier recently, which is nice, today I was at the Central London Employment Tribunal for the arrival of Gurpal Virdi who is back in front of the tribunal, Again after having already received £90,000 from the Met in 2002.

Whilst I was in town, I parked in an NCP car (actually the Drury Lane NCP) christ they know how to charge, £12 for less than three hours, and all parking in Westminster is Credit Card and Mobile Phone only, a bit “Big Fucking Brother” and I don’t mean 10 retards locked in a house, more like dozens of retards in the Council Offices.

Any Hoo, Laters Drivel Fans.

First Celeb Pics

It was funny going back through some of my old negatives from the early 1980s, to come across the first celebrity photographs that I ever did. Sarah Crowe and Anne Bryson were just out of St Catherine’s Drama School, and had started a cabaret act called the “Flamin’ Hamsters”. Sarah and Anne both went to successful careers in show business, but their first big break that I can remember was as the Philadelphia Cheese Girls.
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