Klass Act

FromPaul Burgman 23 May 2009. Mylene Klasse At Heathrow Terminal Five   Paul Burgman  075 88 66 9580

FromPaul Burgman 23 May 2009. Mylene Klasse At Heathrow Terminal Five Paul Burgman 075 88 66 9580

A quick job today (well it should have been) Mylene Klasse was jetting off to Miami. We knew when and which terminal, but as with these things, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Yours truly and several others were gathered awiating her arrival, and the mercedes she was in sailed past and kept going. Leaving an unfit Tog to run be the best part of 1/4 mile, with kit to catch up. Catch up we did, and pics got and wired within 10 minutes.

With the Horsey Set

andrew-gould-nmi001The first job in the diary today was Andrew Gould, the international dressage rider that is alleged by the national media to be involved with Katie Price taking part in an eventing competition in Hampshire.

The “on the day” picture would have been Katie and Andrew together (had she shown up). Next best was a picture of Andrew with his wife Polly and the kids.

The picture shown is of Andrew Gould taking part in the Show-Jumping stage of the competition. Photographs of Andrew with Polly and the children has been syndicated to all of the national papers.

It is not often I get cross…

Cricket Row Mike Burgess NMI002Ok that is a little bit of a lie. But whatever happened to this country?

Some numpty in Shamley Green, purchased a house next to a village cricket pitch, and now is complaining about the fact that his house may be hit by cricket balls. Today he took the case to court in an attempt to get an injunction to prevent them playing cricket, unless they erect 25ft fences, to prevent the occasional stray cricket ball from hitting his house.

For years the Shamley Green cricket club have always paid for tiles to be replaced if the damage was caused by cricketers, which in my mind is fair enough, but no, this twat, wants to prevent the club playing, and is demanding that a health and safety risk assessment is carried out, if this is ruled on by a judge, this could become a precedent and have to be complied with by the thousands of local cricket clubs nationwide, I am sure to the detriment of many.

To quote from The Telegraph this arsehole has made a few choice points.

“This has nothing to do with stopping cricket, I like cricket, but the injunction is designed to instigate what needs to be done to create a safe environment.”
He said a young girl was knocked off her bike last season by a ball while cycling along a road that runs close to the wicket, and claimed he had the support of local homeowners.

Firstly I dispute the facts alleged, according to the cricket club there is no record of this cyclist. Another point, if you are walking or cycling near a cricket ground you keep an eye open for 5 1/4oz leather and wood balls whizzing around, whatever happened to self preservation.

Not only that, in a matter of a few days, the cricket team managed to collect 1,400 signatures against Mike Burgess.

He also accused the club of “bullying” him, claimed hate mail and false rumours had been spread about him to force him to back down. Cricket was treated like a “religion” by some in the village, he said.

Well he will probably no claim that he has been attacked on a blog as well.

He will use to support his case a letter from the police saying that his demands are “practical” and that the current situation is “not acceptable”. Insp Simon Dann, from Surrey police, said obtaining an injunction “may now be the best way” to resolve the dispute.

Quite what the issue has to do with the Rozzers I have no idea, they really should be protecting people and property from criminal activities, not from village cricket clubs.

“It’s a shame it’s come to this but health and safety issues need to be addressed and resolved.

As if we are not over policed by the Health and fucking Safety lot already.

“Just because the cricket club were here before myself and others does not give them rights over our properties.”

From an anonymous source, I also understand that the previous location that Mike Burgess lived in seem to feel that he is an interfering, busybody. I personally think that he is an oxygen thief.

You must really be some kind of arsehole to buy a house next to a cricket pitch and then complain. It is like the fucking morons that buy houses near Heathrow and complain about the noise of aircraft.

Fuck it, I am going to complain about the church at the end of my road, fucking useless bunch of wasters ring their fucking bells at 10am on Sunday Morning, so what if the church has been there since the 13th Century, I have a right to be a complete fucking prick, and hopefully the courts will agree that I am one.