Taunton Town V Guildford City

From Paul Burgman@PressPhotos-uk.com   28/09/13  Guildford City FC v Taunton Town FC @ Guildford Spectrum. City's Ryan BERNARD celebrates the winning Goal Pic: Paul Burgman

From Paul Burgman@PressPhotos-uk.com
28/09/13 Guildford City FC v Taunton Town FC @ Guildford Spectrum.
City’s Ryan BERNARD celebrates the winning Goal
Pic: Paul Burgman

Assuming that the game doesn’t get called off, Guildford City will be heading west to play Taunton Town. City beat Taunton 3-2 at the Spectrum, hopefully they will be able to repeat the victory this weekend.

Up the City….

UPDATE: Match Postponed, waterlogged pitch.

That should be fun

GCFC 700pixAwayday trip for Guildford City FC this weekend. Three 9 seater minibuses will be racing thrashing speeding driving sedately from the Guildford City Football Club’s Home Ground at the Spectrum to play Taunton Town in Somerset.

I shall be a) Driving one of the buses, & b) photographing the match for the club and the local rags. The only concern that I might have is that the people of Somerset might be surprised at 3 Horseless Carriages arriving at the ground, and they may object to having the souls taken by the camera equipment. 🙂

260 mile round trip, not the worst journey of the season, that comes next week when GCFC play Merthyr Town.

Very Disappointing

GCFC 700pixThe Guildford City V Wimborne match has been postponed. An inspection at 0900hrs this morning ruled that the pitch was too heavy & that because of fears for player safety the match couldn’t go ahead.

Looking out the window, the Sun is out (and has been for some time) and it is pleasant outdoors.

So yet another another game that will need to be played on a weekday evening, which is tough for players with work commitments, the only positive is that at least it is at home.

Guildford City Football Club Sponsorship/Advertising

GCFC 700pixI am looking to attract sponsors & advertisers for the 2014/15 football season for the Guildford City Football Club. I am hoping that we can maintain existing arrangements with sponsors and attract new ones as well.

The final touches to the commercial brochure have been completed and it is now available to download here.

If you require further details or wish to arrange an appointment to discuss the opportunities available, please contact me on 075 88 66 9580 or email paul@pressphotos-uk.com

Recent Surrey Ad Coverage

QSA.17.1ST.SA.022.PDFIt was nice to have some great coverage in the Surrey Advertiser last weekend, hopefully we can continue to secure similar coverage from now until the end of the season, I guess that will depend on Guildford City winning more games than they currently have done. Hopefully the Guildford City v Godalming Town Derby last night will also gain some publicity.

I am slightly biased about Guildford City getting local newspaper coverage, as one of my missions this year is to secure additional sponsorship which can only be helped by some good publicity.

GCFC v Wimborne Town Preview

GCFC 700pixGCFC host Wimborne Town at the Guildford Spectrum on Saturday, assuming that the weather permits it, we were a little fortunate to get the match on on Wednesday night, thanks to the hard work of the GBC & volunteers we were able to play, however the weather forecast is not good, with Rain predicted all day on Friday. Just hope that it stays away

Wimborne (The Magpies) hosted Guildford City at Cuthbury earlier in the season, where they romped home with an 8-1 victory. Whilst they are some 12 places ahead of where City current reside, I can’t see them winning by the same margin. In fact I can see GCFC giving them a proper game, as long as we can keep 11 players on the pitch for 90 minutes!

Kevin Rayners Red & White Army!!