Car Crash TV

From Paul Burgman 24th July 2010. Kerry Katona with Ex Brian McFadden today at her home in Surrey. Paul Burgman 075 88 66 9580

So yesterday I ended up at Kerry Katona’s house after a rumour that she has split with her recent fella. I was sent there fairly early and she was conspicuous by her absence. Until her ex-husband appeared with her kids, during which she swanned about on the patio in front of the waiting press.

Still keep wanting to call her Cantana though, she is probably a better actor than Eric tho.


More Guilfest Pics

From Paul Burgman 17 July 2010: Ali Campbell from UB40 performs at Guilfest © Paul Burgman 07588 66 9580

Just a couple more pics from Saturday at Guilfest, probably won’t be many from Sunday as I am working on the Unison stage from 1400hrs to 1900hrs.

From Paul Burgman 17 July 2010: Kid Creole and his Coconuts perform at Guilfest © Paul Burgman 07588 66 9580

Kid Creole and the Coconuts appeared during the afternoon slot, and were very very good live, not just because of the fit women that make up the coconuts.

Covering Guilfest this weekend

From Paul Burgman 16 July 2010: The South's (formerley Beautiful South) Dave Hemingway & Alison Wheeler perform at Guilfest © Paul Burgman 07588 66 9580

Covering Guilfest this weekend, started of with a quick visit this evening to have a look at what was going to be required, I have been asked to do some pics for Unison at their tent, but also wanted a look at the main stage. I think that a 28-70 and 120-300 (with a 1.4 in my pocket should do the job.

Will post some more pics as and when.

Bloody Sky News

Are going on about Raoul Moat being shot with a controversial Shotgun style tazer, what the fuck is controversial, it my not yet have “full” home office approval, but that doesn’t make controversial, it means that the evaluation period hasn’t finished.

Another thing they keep whining about a teacher who earned a shit load of money last year, what they have failed to take into consideration was that nearly £80,000 was not for this year. And some of it was for extra curricular activity and overtime.

Anyway: Today someone suggested that Raoul Moat shot himself because he couldn’t stand the pain of being Tasered.
“Don’t be stupid.” I replied. “That’s like shooting your cock off ‘cos your piss burns.”
My boss says I’m not allowed to go to the Press Conferences anymore.

You have got to wonder

You have got to wonder what is wrong with parts of this nation when a large number of people sign up to a Face Book group Called R.I.P RAOUL MOAT YOU LEGEND! I bet the large majority have criminal records or a history of mental illness. How anyone can sympathise with a murdering low-life child abuser and all round twat I have no idea, however, when I visited the page one of the dating adverts really made me chuckle.

Almost forgot, here is a link for Facebook

Even more bizarrely some retard has now started a Facebook Club, that greets you with the following words.

RAOUL MOAT OFFICIAL TRIBUTE CLUB! Tabloid lies, millions of taxpayers’ money down the drain wasted when you were just a stonethrow from those looking for you! You have truly made an example of the government and the justice system.

Whilst we condone any kind of killing ( after all the British government sent many soldiers to their deaths in phoney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) Roaul Moat you will be greatly missed by millions. Your legend lives on.

And these retards can be found Here One of the retards posted “police cant get u now” Derr!, No they already got him, you retard.

Things that make you go hmmm

During the hunt for that geordie murdering low-life this photograph was published, why I wonder was the copper on the left was so angry about being photographed. I can only assume it was because he was made to wear a silly hat with “police” written on it and that he wasn’t allowed play with a real gun.

I was also intrigued: why is Minty from East-Enders in the photograph?

Separated At Birth

Sitting here watching the Germany vs Spain game, and not being sure who to I want to lose most, I caught a glimpse of Gordon Kay (who played Rene in ‘Allo, ‘Allo) sitting on the Spanish Bench. So for now I think I want the Spanish to win, as having an actor as a coach is what I call thinking outside the box.