New Rubber

Having received a replacement rubber weather seal in the post this morning, I thought seeing as I had no football today get straight on with replacing the very worn one on my Canon 2x Extender. I have no idea how it became so worn as it is seldom used, probably less than a dozen times in the last 5 years.

Anyway a simple enough job, undo screws on the lens mount, lift the mount & slide the seal over, re-seat the mount and do up the screws, all in about 5 minutes, then a couple of test pictures to ensure that everything is in alignment and job done.

The Part Number for the seal is YA2-3463-00 and I believe the item is the same for most if not all Canon EF lenses that are weather sealed. I have a couple of other lenses that could do with the seal being replaced so I will confirm in due course.

Cold Front…

So after a very mild Christmas & New Year, the cold weather is coming. Over the years I have had many pairs of gloves & they have either been great at keeping my hands warm & dry, but impossible to work the camera easily or they have been great for work, but useless & keeping the elements out. I have Adidas gloves for mild winter, I have NorthFace gloves for walking about when very cold & now I have added some Sealskinz gloves for when it is cold & I have to work.

I have tried mittens that fold back to reveal fingerless gloves, with thinsulate woven in, I have had “Easy-Off” gloves, that had rave reviews, but were almost completely unusable, I have tried gloves with “re-heater” pockets (similar to some ski gloves I had back in the 1980s) and everything I have tried has been poor or really poor for working in. Most people will probably cope with the cold better than I, but suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon, means that I experience loss of blood circulation in the fingers at temperatures that most just consider to be a “bit” chilly.

Anyway my next miracle set of gloves (as yet unproven) come highly recommended from several professional colleagues. Their sizing for the gloves seem completely random, the perfect size for me is usually a size 9, but for the Sealskinz I need an 11. They claim waterproof, (a big claim as they have fold back index fingers) and windproof. First test, assuming that the crap weather that is forecast arrives, is shooting Guildford City Women in a Cup game at the Guildford Spectrum, a ground that is quite low level, in a hollow & very close to a river so it can get very cold.

Anyway, they are the most expensive pair of gloves that I have ever purchased, hopefully they will live up to their billing.

Pain in the f……..

Having suffered with a knackered shoulder for the last year, and had back issues for a number of years, I decided that I would try something that a chiropractor that I saw years ago suggested. So I bought a TENS machine. It only arrived yesterday so no chance to really give it a go, but hopefully it will give some respite (not respit as our American cousins pronounce it) from the near constant pain that it causes. Expect an update soon, or not, depending upon how I feel.

Oh and before I forget, Happy New Year!