Tia Sharp’s Murder

From Paul Burgman/PressPhotos-UK.com 11th August 2012. Police officer looks at the tributes left near tia’s grandparents house.

Was out on a job yesterday covering the tributes laid near the house of Tia’s grandparents, I was surprised at the number of people that turned up during the day, I got to New Addington at 0800hrs and stayed until about 1900hrs and the number of tributes was quite impressive.

The only disruption to the dignified process of laying the flowers, cuddly toys and the such like was the arrival of some twat who decided he was going to shove his camera in the face of the assembled press photographers, journalists and even the ENG teams. When it was politely enquired as what he was doing he replied “same as you, but i am photographing arseholes” I don’t have a problem with being photographed in a public place, and neither do my professional colleagues, we can’t really object to others doing what we do, and which is entirely legal. Buy what is the motivation to stick a DSLR in the faces of the press? We do it to celebrities & people in the news because we get paid to, it is our job (but with the exception of a few bad paparazzi, we don’t do it from 7 inches away with a 14mm lens.

The photos will no doubt end up on some amateur snapper sight with loads of sycophantic twats saying well done for sticking it to them. If you know him feel free to invite over here, I’d love to know what he thinks he was acheiving