Joe Cole’s Wedding

Joe Coles Wedding 0119Haven’t updated the blog recently, because I have mainly been busy re-writing the News Media Images Website and Blog. I haven’t either finished yet, but yesterday I was at Joe Cole’s Wedding in Chelsea. The story is that he had sold the pictures to Hello magazine, for a small fortune, however judging by the number of celebs that were present, I think he will be lucky to get paid anything.

The photograph is of Kara Toynton, the only other guests that I recognised were Michael Carrick and John Terry

Foot Loose and…..

Paul Burgman 7 June 2009. Hamilton Avenue, Cobham, Surrey . Police at the scene where a severed foot was found in a wheeley bin  Paul Burgman  075 88 66 9580

Paul Burgman 7 June 2009. Hamilton Avenue, Cobham, Surrey . Police at the scene where a severed foot was found in a wheeley bin Paul Burgman 075 88 66 9580

A tip off this morning that a human foot had been found in a wheeley bin and that Surrey Police were investigating. So a quick trip to Cobham. No exciting pics, just the usual scene of crime stuff. But job, jobbed and all that.

A quick update, the initial reports were of a severed foot, however, later reports confirm that it is the body of a woman that was found in the bin. A quick glance at the Sky News website shows that they really have their finger on the pulse

A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: “I saw police there yesterday and then just read about it on the internet.
“I don’t know who lived there, it’s all a bit odd. There are police here again this morning, but I don’t know what they are doing.
“I think the house may be up for sale, but I could be wrong.”

I like foreign jobs, especially for pretty girls

blogCarl Froch and Rachel 027I like foreign jobs, especially if it involves photographing pretty girls. The last couple of days have been a bit of a blur.

I received a phone call on Thursday morning asking if I fancied Turkey. Hmmmm, with all the trimmings, I gave the obvious answer and within 20 minutes I was heading for Gatwick Airport and a quEasyJet flight to Bodrum, Turkey. Changed up a few squids for Lira’s, and later regretted not getting Euros, or keeping sterling.

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Damned and Blast

g4You will see in a couple of days a new post for a job I did last week for the Star on Sunday in Turkey. Unfortunately, during that trip my Powerbook (an old G4 1Ghz Aluminium) took a bit of a tumble whilst waiting for an internal flight from Bodrum to Istanbul. Net result was that the machine would not reboot. Fortunately I had wired all of the images that I needed to from the hotel before I left.

Anyway on arrival home, I replaced various bits, swapped hard disks, memory and the such, but concluded that it must be the logic board. Damned expensive to replace, something like £500+. A quick trip to my preferred repair agents, called Backstage Services in Esher Click Here for their website, to drop the laptop off for repair on Monday morning. Monday lunch they confirmed my worst fears, but they could get an exchange logic board, supply and fit for £328.00 all inclusive. Even though it is a six year old laptop, I figured it was worth it, as a new one would be in excess of £1300, plus I would still need to recover all the images from the old hard disk.

They promised the part would be delivered Tuesday and installed ASAP.

Once again they delivered superb service and incredibly quickly as well, kudos to Backstage.

That’s the way to do it…

blogEstelle Arrives in UK 006Interesting job today, last night I got a phone call from a company at 1830hrs asking how many photographers we had, and could I get them to Heathrow in the morning. We decided that 6 were enough and then some frantic calls to get everyone in place.

blogEstelle Arrives in UK 010We met up at Terminal 4 for the monstering of R&B singer Estelle. Who is coming to the UK to do a series of Gigs to promote Fashion Against Aids. So part one of the job is done, the 6 of us is then ferried by Limo into Mayfair to do her arriving at her hotel.

3 hours, job jobbed, pics wired and then a limo back to the airport where all of our cars were parked.

Ohh and here is a link for what we were up to Click Here

So tomorrow night it looks like I will be covering her gig in Regent Street. Which will be nice.

blogEstelle Arrives in UK 011