New Bag


Got fed up with transporting the Elinchrom lights in the Elinchrom hard case which holds three heads but not much else, or using an Elinchrom tube case, which only holds two flash-heads & having the third rattling around so found an Elinchrom 3 head Soft Location Bag, which was a clearance item at The Flash Centre, which was £20 off retail. Pleased with it as it carries 2x D-Lite4  & a D-Lite2 (with standard reflectors), plus mains leads, Sync Leads, PocketWizards, Flash meter and a couple of 20cm reflectors as well.

I am sure that this will make transporting the lights to client sites a lot easier, also will look more professional. The light stands, background stands, additional reflectors & modifiers and associated gubbins will roll in a Peli 1650 Case. Nice!