Finally Got Pissed Off

I finally got pissed off with the Sony Ericsson W660i mobile phone that I have been using for the last 18 months or so. It was really a combination of things. Firstly the phone would mute the radio in the car at random (as near as I could tell, it was whenever it swapped transmitter cells) and the fact that that the screen was so scratched that I could barely see the display in anything other than complete darkness. I replaced it with the Nokia 6700 Slide.

First impressions are that it works welll with the hands free kit. it is a nice size and feels well made. The key pad is a little small for texting. The battery life is quite good, the data rate is very good, although it is not a touch screen, web navigation is Ok. There have been reports of the operating system being a little laggy, I haven’t noticed it yet, but then I have very little data on the phone, other than a couple of hundred contacts. More news in a few weeks, when I have used it more.


Funny Old Week

Paul Burgman 24 August 2010. Peter Blake, Roaul Moats father pictured today

Paul Burgman 24 August 2010. Peter Blake, Roaul Moats father pictured today

One of the jobs that I was out on, was to get a frame of Peter Blake, the father of the murderer Raoul Moat, who had given an interview to a couple of journalists from The People and the Mail On Sunday. I sat from 0630hrs until about 1810hrs before I got a sight of the target.

Unfortunately he left his residence via the only exit that I didn’t have covered from where I was sitting, so had to jump out of the car and hose him down on the street. Not particularly subtle, but it had to be done.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Spent the day at Lord’s Cricket Ground, unfortunately I was not there to photograph the stunning cricket. England turned around being something like 104 for 7 to being 445 all out.

Sadly, as I said I wasn’t there for the cricket, but on a celebrity watch. I did eventually find my target, but only as we were losing the light. As I was also there as a punter there was no long lens, just a 70-200 with a 2x & a 1.4x extender, which really wasn’t ideal for the job. However I think the authorities might have questioned me more if I had the 400mm F2.8 in the Compton Stand!