Afghan Women’s National Game

29/05/2022 International Surrey Football – Women v Afghanistan Development

It was a privilege to photograph the Afghan Women’s National Development Team on Sunday against the International Surrey Football -Women’s Team. Whilst the national team were in Australia the development team were in the UK. These young women have escaped the Taliban & made it to the UK, where they played their (as far as I am aware) first football match. I went to shoot the match as a number of former Guildford City Women FC players were involved. It was better weather for footballers than photographers, and although the Surrey team won, it was a spirited performance by the young Afghanistan team.

I look forward to hopefully shooting more of the International Surrey Woman’s team, other jobs permitting.

New Hi-Viz

Need a hi-viz vest for a shoot tomorrow, not needed one for a very long time, so fished my old one out of the boot of the car, it seemed to have seen better days, with various stains & marks (mostly caused by things in the boot, oil, screen wash, coolant etc,). So a new one was purchased. Must remember not to just chuck it in the boot again.