Who’d Have Thunk It

Who’d have thought that upgrading an unsupported Mac from High Sierra to something more modern would be so difficult, starting yesterday, just after finishing the cutting out for the light case, I decided, STUPIDLY, to upgrade my MacPro.

Anyway long story short, with some (actually quite a lot) help from MacFinder (who supplied said MacPro some 3 plus years ago) I am now as up to date as the machine is likely to get, so MacFinder will have a another chunk of change from me in a year or so for a replacement.

AS it goes there are not too many issues with running Catalina on an old 5.1 MacPro, the only issue that I can report is that it doesn’t support the older WiFi standard, but I can live with running internet via Ethernet, and the other functions that WiFi bought with it like Airdrop I have never had before, so no probs. I can’t upgrade further to BigSur as also bluetooth & other things stop working, so at least I have another 20 months or so before beating up the piggy bank.

I have subsequently been informed that I could have gone to Mojave with slightly less effort, but as I have always/sometimes/occasionally/never said, if you are going to go for it, go big or go home.

Equipment Check

New Foam Ready for cutting

Thought, seeing as I have a quiet week that I would check on some of the equipment that I don’t use very often, and opened my Elinchrom light case to find that the foam had disintegrated to dust, literally dust. a 600 x 400mm base foam had crumbled so much that it fit in a small carrier bag, with room for the egg crate lid foam as well. In fact there was plenty of room for a few more bits of rubbish. So ordered some foam which arrived today, just waiting on a single sheet of 10mm for the base and I will get it cut to shape for the 3 Elinchrom heads that live in it. The heads that I mainly use live in an Elinchrom Location bag, so I may put these up for sale in the near future. Will update soon.

Guildford City Women History Made

Guildford City Woman’s Team made history today, playing their first ever League game against Richmond Park. Esme Parsons also scored their first ever league goal. Playing against a considerably more experienced team, the young City squad can hold their heads high, with a battling performance, with woodwork hit and a goal disallowed. They made history today, they will continue to add to it over the course of the season, as they grow in experience, confidence & ability they will, no doubt do the club & the town proud, C’mon you Gs!

Profile Pix Done

28/08/2021 Guildford City Squad

Guildford City FC Squad photos done, still a few more to do.