Future Fair For All

Harriet Fucking HarmanWhat is it with the Labour twats, are English Language skills no longer required for campaign organisers. “Future Fair For All” what the fuck does that mean. When I first glanced at it I thought that it said Future Free For All.

Then the dozy bint Harriet Harman was on the news earlier, whining about the Gordon Brown stories that have been broken in The Independent, Her main argument seemed to be that “It’s Not Fair”. Welcome to the real world you daft tart, the world is not Fair.

What the F*ck Is that about

Sky News claim that their “Main Story Tonight” is the John Terry story, I am sorry, how is that even news, a wealthy footballer shags a bint, that then sells her story to the media. How can that be more of a news story than the two hostages held by the Somali Pirates. How can it be more of a story than Two soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, or the Government revealing that it is going to slash University Funding, or just about any other news story.

Another point, why should the fact that he has shagged some bint, mean that he can no longer be England Captain. I would think it would be expected that he would shag someone other than his wife, after all countless others have done it, including bosses of Football Clubs.