New Background

Seeing as I have needed a chroma background on the last two shoots that I have taken the studio lights to, I thought it about time that I purchased one, I already have a Pixapro collapsible black/white background & quite like it, I thought I’d add a Blue/Green one to the kit. Only point I would make is don’t try and open it in the spare bedroom, as at 2 by 2.3m you need a bit of room to collapse it back down.

Nice little photoshoot

Loaded the studio lights & other kit in to the boot of the car at the weekend for a little photoshoot for a regular client, mostly head & shoulder photographs for their website & social media. Simple set up for green screen, two lights & large Elinchrom brollies to give an nice even lighting with sufficient power to ensure that there was enough depth of field to cover the subject from front to back (out of focus hair can be a pain to mask out of a green screen).

The green screen isn’t mine, I usually use white or black backgrounds for corporate head shots. I really should invest in a pop up green screen for the future.