An Introduction

Welcome to Tog’s Blog.
Well here we are, the first page in the new web log for me. A self-confessed opinionated, belligerent, so and so. I am not entirely sure what the point of a blog is, yet alone who it will appeal to; however if you expect anything deep and meaningful, forget it. It may be cathartic process (for me) as I vent my spleen on various subjects that have annoyed me, although I am not sure that is going to be a good enough reason for you to traipse your sorry arse all the way over here to read it.

I shall almost certainly vent my anger on a number of subjects that are close to my heart, including: Why Alistair Darling is such a w*nker, Why Tony Blair is a weak-willed lilly-livered tosser who is the best argument for selective termination at birth (after John Prescott of course) and why I believe Gordon Brown to be the most obnoxious thieving bast*rd that ever walked the earth. In addition, a question that has been vexing me for sometime, how does Ken Livingston have enough mental processing power to be able to talk and remember to breathe at the same time? Ah haa I have it, he doesn’t that is why he has that annoying nasally voice! However, that is for the future.

A few words of introduction are probably in order, I am a Press Photographer and have been for longer than I care to imagine or, for that matter remember (mind you, that is one of the advantages of going senile, the older I get the clearer my conscience becomes).

Working for a National Newspaper I cover a variety of jobs from celebrities, proper news and sports, of which my favourite is sports, especially football and motor sports, however I don’t get the opportunity to cover as much as I would like.

Well that is probably enough about me, this isn’t a dating agency or a newspaper personal ad, (if it was it would be in gibberish like, M GSOH, WLTM F 18-35 4F&F KAC contact POBOX 666).