Ear Ear…

I like Apple gear, I have used Apple Macs for well over 20 years, iPods since the 1st Gen & iPhones since the 5, but other than the original headphone design, I cannot stand the Apple headphones, they simply will not stay in may ears, even if I am sitting perfectly still they will fall out within minutes, forget moving about. I very seldom use headphones of any sort, as I usually only listen to music or the radio when driving or at home (I have never felt the need to have music whilst walking around or exercising) but for listening to the football commentary whilst shooting a different football match these should make life easier, without cables to tangle up with camera straps/Jackets etc.

Since the airpods are so expensive and likely to last only a few days before I lose at least one of them, I purchased some cheaper alternatives. I am sure that they are inferior in some ways to the Apple version but a £15 for the white ones & £35 for the black ones, I can afford to lose a few & still be better off.

The white pair I used at the weekend & I am quite impressed with the sound quality, although the signal keeps breaking up, so they will be returned this week, the black ones do seem to be much better, a full test will be using them later this week.

In-Car Laptop Charger

I recently purchased a new in-car USB-C charger, and I have to report it is a complete success. I recharged the 13 MacBook Pro from about 45% to full, whilst using it to edit photos, in about 45 minutes. The charger got a little warm, but not enough to worry about. It will also charge a mobile phone as well, but as I have a dedicated power supply for my iPhone I haven’t needed to try it.

I purchased it here, it may be available cheaper elsewhere.

New Phone Time


Had the iPhone 6S for a while now & seeing as EE were doing a deal with the iPhone Xs with 100gb of data for the price of 30gb it seemed a no brainer, Now I just have to go through the hassle of moving everything across & learning a new iOS & phone.


First attempt to update the iOS resulted in it bricking the phone, eventually persuaded it to update, now have restored the data back to it and all up and running.

Ready to Go


All of the important apps are installed on the iPad & the iPhone, including Shuttersnitch which I use for renaming photos that arrive from the WTF-E6 and adding a standard caption & saving to the camera roll, if the images require further tweaking then Photogene is the next tool to be used, images are then emailed to the client or tweeted as required. If I just want something “rough & ready” then Snapseed is used to share on twitter.

In the event of a problem with the iPad then I could fail-over to the iPhone.

New Phone New Tricks

10590665_10152884832536528_7760098708300314309_nHaving been reluctant to upgrade mobile phones (as my old nokia did everything that a mobile phone should, battery lasted for days, & I could make & receive calls). It was time for it to go, the screen was badly scratched, so badly in fact that you couldn’t read it in any kind of light. So I upgraded to a smart phone, the Sony Xperian M2, and it has opened a whole new way of doing things. With a couple of Eye-Fi cards (which I have had knocking about for a couple of months, unused) & a couple of apps downloaded from google play, as well as shooting RAW, I now also save a small jpeg to the eye-fi card, which within moments of tagging is copied to my mobile phone ready for sharing.

I am not sure that I will use it very often, but it will be nice to tweet Guildford City FC photographs during the game. Some of my other clients will probably not wish to see their images shared, at least until after publication.

Vodafone 3G Broadband

I have used the Vodafone 3G datacard since its launch a couple of years ago, however after a colleague mentioned that there was a brand new 3G Broadband card launched recently I decided to upgrade, especially as it was a free upgrade.

The difference is impressive, although the card looks identical to the original card the speed is significantly improved. There has also been a significant update to the Vodafone Connect Software for the Apple Mac, even though it falls someway short of the functionality of the Windows version.

The upload speed difference is remarkable; I have just uploaded 3 images to an FTP server, all over 1mb each in a matter of a minute.
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Nokia 6310i

Togsblog Star Rating


Still the phone of choice for many press photographers, and despite it being something like 4 years old, there is nothing yet on the market to compete with it. The phone is compact enough to be used with the Lowe Pro S&F Phone pouch. And even with the longer life battery, it is still very lightweight.

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