That’s the way to do it…

blogEstelle Arrives in UK 006Interesting job today, last night I got a phone call from a company at 1830hrs asking how many photographers we had, and could I get them to Heathrow in the morning. We decided that 6 were enough and then some frantic calls to get everyone in place.

blogEstelle Arrives in UK 010We met up at Terminal 4 for the monstering of R&B singer Estelle. Who is coming to the UK to do a series of Gigs to promote Fashion Against Aids. So part one of the job is done, the 6 of us is then ferried by Limo into Mayfair to do her arriving at her hotel.

3 hours, job jobbed, pics wired and then a limo back to the airport where all of our cars were parked.

Ohh and here is a link for what we were up to Click Here

So tomorrow night it looks like I will be covering her gig in Regent Street. Which will be nice.

blogEstelle Arrives in UK 011

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