Who’d have thought it..

big-tomThree years, two different blogging packages and one bitter and twisted press tog. Three years and some 400 posts have past since the blog was started.

Well, as John Major’s Spitting Image puppet would have said “I’m still here’. Irritating the establishment, ripping the piss from the politically correct brigade and generally being a bad tempered wanker. But after all that is what I do best.

So I am three years old, that means that I am out of the terrible twos, so what does the next year hold, probably more shit and shinola, polished turds and more obscene ventriloquists act. AS I said in my introduction three years ago, don’t expect flowery prose, just more belligerence than you can shake a shitty stick at.

Ta Ta Drivel Fans. Back later.

P.S. Can’t believe that it has taken me three years to teach the spellchecker in OSX how to spell Wanker. Somehow you can guess that it is American, 250 million Wankers living in a country without a word for wanker, Fuck it there goes my chance of a green card!

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