MPs get over yourselves

big-tomI am getting pissed of with fucking MPs. Firstly Damian Green’s indignation that the police should want to search his office in relation to a criminal investigation, now Daniel Kawczynski MP is pissed of because the rozzers searched his office.

Look you retards you are not above the law, just because you are an MP doesn’t mean that a criminal offence hasn’t taken place, and that evidence is not in your office (even if you haven’t commited the offence).

Mind you judging by the fact that Gordon Brown had to climb down over wanting the Freedom of Information act not to apply to MPs over expenses, implies that most of the oxygen wasters in the House of Commons, are lying, cheating, thieving, scheming fuctards (and worse, scottish) that deserve the rozzers to visit you at home and prod you in very private places with truncheons. Trouble is that they will probably enjoy it more than they should. Deluded retards the lot of them