What a day

holly-willoughby-ppuk0012There will be a couple of posts today, one about the new amendment to the Anti-Photographer Act 2000 (Sorry should read Anti-Terror Act) and the one about today’s jobs, firstly left home at stupid o’clock this morning to have a look at a story that I had received a tip off about, which unfortunately didn’t pan out. The second story was about a bunch of feckless, retards, who……Hang on I will talk about the rozzers later. These Feckless, work-shy retards are squatters that are squatting in a 13 million house in London’s Mayfair area, according to LBC Radio they were due to be rousted by the bailiffs and the rozzers after a court order for eviction was agreed yesterday. It turned out to be wrong.

So third attempt at a job eventually worked out, a picture of Holly Willoughby who is very pregnent. Job Jobbed. Sorry but I can’t tell you anymore…yet.

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