A Sad Day

tony-harts-funeral-ppuk001Today was the funeral of Tony Hart, a great Childrens TV presenter and it would appear, an all-round nice chap.

The funeral was held near to his family home in Shamley Green, near Guildford. It seemed to be for family and friends only, as there were not very many of his celebrity friends, we were half expecting Rolf Harris and possibly Sylvester McCoy, in the end there were Kirsten O’Brien and Cliff Michelmore, plus one that I think I recognised, but couldn’t put a name to, it is the last picture in the sequence.

There were a number of eulogies from his children and others, as to be expected. There were a few misty eyes after the event. He was taken from the church to a cremortotium and it is expacted that there will be a memorial service later in the year. (That is to say, that I would expect there to be a memorial service).

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