I enjoy a good scrummage

As you can see Wossy is only 7 inches tall.

As you can see Wossy is a short-arse as I tower above him..

Today was spent waiting for his floppyness Jonathon Woss who returned to BBC Radio 2 today to broadcast his first radio show in threee months since being suspended by the National Broadcaster for making “Prank Calls” to Andrew Sachs’ answerphone.

There must of been twenty five snappers a couple of reporters and two TV crews, as usual the BBC News reporter, who has no experience of doing these types of jobs kept flapping, about 20 minutes before he arrived we knew that he was arriving in a Silver Ford Galaxy, and she kept on getting excited when any silver car passed by.

Wossies’ publicist came out and said that he would play ball if we did, and that he would pause at the kerb for a picture, before entering the BBC building. Which to be honest he did. However about 20 minutes before he arrives 6 rozzers, well 4 police officers and 2 plastic pigs, fortunately they didn’t interfere, but they did manage to get in the way, planks!

Anyway job jobbed, as it were, I spoke to a colleague of mine who was there for the departure, apparently they didn’t play ball at all.

Media Scrum for Wossy

Media Scrum for Wossy

Ohh, and by the way JR i had full sex with your ansaphone last week, it has also agreed to do a kiss and tell about the sordid sex that you subject it too.

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