Israelli Embassy Protest

From Paul Burgman/  Demonstrators in Kensington High Street near the Israelli Embassy.

From Paul Burgman/ Demonstrators in Kensington High Street near the Israelli Embassy.

What Burgy doing news, and not celebrity shite? Actually not that uncommon recently most of the stuff that I have been doing is vaguely news orientated. Which is a damned sight more fun than endless celebrity doorsteps without any story. So today I ended up in London amongst the Parking Nazis to photograph the protest, I was originally planning on doing the march as well, but unfortunately I had something come up, so didn’t bother with the march, which to honest was probably as dull as ditch water.

The Protest was a little more interesting, however, whilst the Met Police have learnt what a press card is, and demand them produced at every opportuntity, they don’t seem to understand that we are there to record and not to participate in the news, so they really don’t need to police us in the same way as the protesters. We don’t throw things, because usually the things that we carry cost to much to throw (I might feel diferently if I used Nikon).

So anyway I ended up at the Israelli Embassy in Kensington, well I ended up near to the embassy, trying to find an angle. Unfortunately as the Met Police seemed to think that we were all shoe-slinging protestors it made it a little awkward. The only building that I could get access to, had windows that didn’t open very wide. Damned so it was back to street level with the rest of the Togs.

The only good thing about the day was the weather wasn’t as cold as they had forecast, it was -4 degrees when I left home, but by the time I got to the west end it was plus 5.

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