Wetter than an Otters pocket

12/03/2017. Surrey Half Marathon. Tony the FridgeDamned that was wet. I was sent to cover the Surrey Half Marathon, and boy did it rain. Fortunately I got there earlier than required, was able to park & photograph the 5k race as well as the half marathon. 4,500 runners, mostly running for charity, including “Tony The Fridge” who broke his own world record for running a half marathon with a fridge on his back.

12/03/2017. Surrey Half Marathon

Anyway the kit is now drying out & so am I, the next job in the diary is AFC Wimbledon v MK Dons on Tuesday night. I hope that the weather improves for that, then on Wednesday night it is Guildford City v Woking in the Surrey Senior Cup.

12/03/2017. Surrey Half Marathon

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