Bloody Hell!

img_0290aWell that was bigger than I expected it to be…Purchased a couple of items for the studio kit, which will be going on a trip fairly soon. Amongst the acquisitions was a 135cm Deep Octo Box, a 100cm Octo Box, a few grids and various reflectors, barndoors etc. However on delivery of the 135cm box I opened it up and had a bit of a test run, damned the thing is huge.  I know it is 135cm in diameter, but ‘kinell’ it is big.

It’s first run out will be some corporate h&s & 1/2 length photos which should be fun!


Seeing as the penalty doubles today..


Seeing as they have announced that the fines & points have been increased, it seemed the right time to finally install the Hands Free kit, having got by with the horrible Apple supplied headphones (which for some reason fall out of my ears if I move my head even slightly) I thought I had best install the Parrot H/F kit.

I have had the CK3100 before in my Jeep & it worked well enough, I don’t need music streaming as I already have my iPod installed with 128 gig of  disk space wired up to the head unit, so just a hands free phone is perfect. I may have to acquire the Brodit active holder for the iPhone, but there is no rush as the battery currently lasts all day, using only about 10% of its charge.