F*ck Me!

The Guildford City FC Minibus Fleet, courtesy of Methold Vehicle Hire

The Guildford City FC Minibus Fleet, courtesy of Methold Vehicle Hire

F*ck Me, have I said F*ck Me yet? If not F*ck Me. Nearly 300 miles as a round trip to Bridgwater today with Guildford City FC, F*ck Me! I think I might have said that already….

Anyway today was an away trip to F*ck Me, Bridgwater Town FC, we left the Spectrum a little later than was considered appropriate, yesterday would have been appropriate, with a nice 5* hotel, expenses paid brekkie & copious amounts of beer, but as this is Non League football, (with a team with a very small budget) we ended up in two 9 seater minibuses leaving Guildford at 10.30…. No hang on 10.40, ahh wait a while, 10.50am.

Fortunately the 9 seaters buses we had are unrestricted unlike the 17 seaters (62 m.bollox.p.bollox.h.), so we can make up some time, “honest Guv we never broke any speed limits, mumble mumble autobahns mumble mumble.

A disappointing result, caused directly by at least 4 shocking refereeing decisions. The first of which was why the F*ck was this referee not down at Specsavers, and his two linesmen (sorry assistant referees allowed pitch-side without their guide-dogs). Once again City are at the wrong end of loads, I mean loads of shit decisions by the official twats Monkeys Fucking Corrupt Officials.

Now don’t get me wrong I am a Gooner. I am not a GCFC fan, there is no bias with me here, I don’t hold a torch, I have no argument to make, I have my team & and my country, neither of which are Guildford. But I do have a problem with incompetence or corruption. FA take note, I have chosen 2 ways of describing it, I think an audit would nail which one it is.

07/12/2013. Bridgwater 4-2 Guildford City [Pic Paul Burgman]

07/12/2013. Bridgwater 4-2 Guildford City
[Pic Paul Burgman]

Sorry GCFC I wish I could have been a good luck charm, but it looks like my 100% coverage rate is due to end next week (unless commissioned by the SA), or the following week for other reasons..

Once again our thanks go (not only to our players, sponsors, management etc), but also to Methold Vehicle Hire of whom GCFC are proud to be associated, for their brand new 9 seater minibuses.

Match Photos are online Here

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