Bloody Lighting at Non League Matches

DenoiseI have complained before about the lighting at non-league grounds before so I won’t go into it again, however I have tried to be a little more constructive……. Bloody lighting at Non-League grounds stinks!! Sorry. Positive mental attitude adjustment taking place, Bloody lighting…., Nope it’s going have to be a complete re-boot and reset to factory defaults… Could be a while hang on.

OK my kit, in its day was the mutts nuts, but 6+ years have passed and it is now nowhere near as good as the current batch of DSLRs at high ISOs, in fact many of the current crop of Pro DSLR (i.e. the Nikon D3S and the Canon D1x are better at 1600ISO than my MKIIns are at 400ISO.

Time to experiment with Noise reduction software, first test was on a match that I covered at Bishops Cleeve on Tuesday, ISO3200 and exposures of 1/160 @ F2.8. The results are really not pretty. So I have download a copy of DeNoise.

First Impressions: Hmmm favourable but at a price, around 10 seconds per image, with only one image open, I wonder how slow when I am working on 10-30 images at a time. But at least the results seem to be usable.


OK I will stop bitching

Methold Minbus 007GCFC only have a 280 mile round trip on Saturday, the England Team during the world cup have a 3,500 mile round trip to do. However, they will most likely be flying, in 1st Class, plenty of leg room, meals & drinks supplied, and will probably be in the air for 3 hours or so each way. Whereas GCFC players will mostly drive from home (upto an hour) then sit in a minibus for 3 hours, with a 20 minute stop at a motorway services for food & drink and then the same on the way home.

Anyone have a helicopter that they lend us?