Lee Hurst at Court

lee-hirst-at-court-ppuk001Lee Hurst was in court today (following up from a previous blog entry on the 31st December) where he changed his plea to Guilty. His original plea of not guilty was on the basis that the prosecution paperwork was incorrectly completed. He was (as before) no problem, he didn’t try to duck and dive, and also gave an interview to one of the local TV news crews. It maust have been a quiet day, because the world and his wife was there.

He said he initially denied committing the offence in Guildford, Surrey, because prosecution had the wrong date.

Mr Hurst said he had broken the Motorola K1 handset at The Stoke pub because he was angry that someone might be stealing his material.

The comedian said mobile phone footage often ended up on internet sites such as You Tube.
‘Prosecution mistakes’

Hurst also accused writers of recording his material so they could copy his jokes and sell them to television shows.

He told Guildford Magistrates Court the prosecution had made mistakes because of its haste to bring the case against a celebrity.

Once the date was corrected, Hurst said: “I plead guilty. I was never going to lie.”

They also got his date of birth wrong – putting 1952 instead of 1962, causing the comedian to joke “I’ve already done ten years”.

The former star of TV quiz They Think It’s All Over was fined £60, and ordered to pay compensation of £80 and £87 costs.

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