Damned, I think I kerbed the alloys

kerbedCouple of jobs in the diary, but ended up cancelling one and covering the shooting in Blackbird Hill, Neasdon, however on the way back from that, I spotted a minor RTA. Only appeared to be one car involved, do you think it will polish out?

mini-crash-007One thing that did amuse me, and it is probably not that clear in the photographs, is that the car has it’s hazard warning lights on. Not I am not sure when they were turned on, if just before the accident then a sure sign the driver has ESP, but then if they had ESP would they have had the accident? Alternatively were they switched on after the accident? Whilst hanging from the seat, by the seat-belt, I am not sure that would be on my check list which would run

Testicles..1, 2 check
Wallet…. check
Ignition Off……check
Undo Seat Belt….check, ouch!
Hazzard lights….not check, damned…