Rose tinted Glasses

Fished out the old camera equipment today to have a bit of a play and try and get the “Time Warp” project started, why not it is the New Year and I have been meaning to do it for a little while.

Whilst I love the convenience and speed of the digital era, there is something fantastically tactile about the old Canon F1n and the Canon A1 cameras with motordrives. The glass is fantastic and so much more compact and lighter than the AF equipment of today. I hope that the little play with the equipment today will get me motivated to start the project next week, work commitments permitting.

One thought on “Rose tinted Glasses

  1. Reminds me of a houseparty I hosted recently (New year’s eve eve) where I pulled out my Mamiya TLR gear. A poet friend commented on the sturdy, firm feel of the controls. Comparable to a car with manual steering. I pointed out how the Mamiya could function as a brick-like defensive weapon.

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