Bloody good job too, we need to get these chavs out of the industry. As I posted a little while ago it is these sorts of arseholes that contribute to the very poor reputation that proper press photographers have, I for one will be pleased if the twat never works again. Now in the eyes of the public we will be tarred with the same brush, so all press togs will be the undeserving victims of even more abuse and spite.

For the original post see Here To quote Sky News

A photographer has been found guilty of assaulting Heather Mills-McCartney in a subway as he tried to take her picture. Jay Kaycappa, 32, grabbed the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney by her right shoulder in order to swing her round and take her photograph. Ms Mills-McCartney is said to be “delighted” at the verdict.

Her spokesman Phil Hall said: “Heather is delighted that justice has been done and hopes that the photographers who pursue her on a daily basis will now leave her and her daughter alone.” The incident took place in Brighton on July 5 last year. Father of three Kaycappa, of Fareham, Hampshire, was also convicted by Brighton magistrates of assaulting Ms Mills-McCartney’s friend Mark Payne the following evening.

The freelance photographer shook his head in the dock after magistrates convicted him of both charges. Ms Mills-McCartney was not in court to hear the verdicts. The assault took place as she cycled to Brighton from her seafront home on the exclusive Western Esplanade in Hove, East Sussex, accompanied by her personal trainer and an American couple. Sentencing was adjourned until August 16 for reports to be prepared but Kaycappa was warned by magistrates that sentencing options would include custody. He was freed on unconditional bail but made no comment as he left court via a side entrance.


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