Two faced BBC and Sky News

One of the things that has really pissed me off recently is the two faced nature of the TV media, but today the BBC really went the whole hog.

Now I don’t like the way that alot of paparazzi work, their method of work is intimdating and possibly even dangerous. However the BBC on the news 24 channel slated the Paps for gathering outside Kate Middletons house and following her down the road, when their ENG team were doing exactly the same thing.

Sky News have also been guilty of the same thing historically. In the media scrum that were outside the house there were at least 3 ENG teams.

The BBC claims that the interest started when Kate turned up at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and yet the footage they showed clearly revealed that the BBC TV cameramen were doing exactly the same thing.

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One thought on “Two faced BBC and Sky News

  1. Paul

    I couldn’t agree with you more and in fact this afternoon I called News 24 to complain about this unbalanced portrail of press photographers when TV cameras are at the same story. This is a situation that is on the increase and is hypocritical to say the least and not something that should be coming out of the beeb. I find it even more hypocritical though when it comes from Sky, bearing in mind who there sister “media” organations are!

    I left my message on a voicemail at News 24 that promised someone would call me back but unsuprisingly nine hours on, no one has called.

    Unfortunately, TV isn’t the only form of media guilty of these double standards. Today’s Times front page feature a pic of Ms Middleton, actually taken by an ex colleague of mine who I have huge respect for but the text that accompanies it, is of the same critical tone of that of TV news, yet they use a photo taken under the same circumstances as those taken by the terrible tabloid and awful paparazzi photographers!

    Radio is equally two faced as the coverage of Boy George strett sweeping in New York showed. Radio 2 had him on some programme or other criticising “the Press” meaning newspapers but didn’t comment on their audio from the event!

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