Today’s Shoot

Just finished the edit of today’s photoshoot. Griff Rhys Jones was filming an episode of his new TV series, scheduled to Air in the spring next year on BBC1. They were recreating the journey of Queen Elizabeth I, who travelled with her huge entourage, something like 300 people and 100 vehicles. Weather held for the duration of the filming. I was also surprised to spot Mike Smith on set, he was involved with the helicopter filming team (

Again it was nice to work with proper professionals, no hissy fits, Griff stood and signed autographs for the best part of an hour, always had a grin in his face, just a shame there is not more “celebs” like him. The TV crew again (ModernTV) were all genuine, grafters and to a man, and women nice. I also learned something today that surprised me, the Tardis (from Dr Who) dismantles into 16 pieces and weighs a quarter of a tonne. So to all of my friends kids I shall take great pleasure in telling them It’s Not Real 🙂

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