Hugo Boss


I like Hugo Boss gear, have done for many years, their polos seem to last forever, despite near daily abuse. I am throwing some out that are over 10 years old & the only reason for most of them being disposed of, is that they appear to have shrunk, they are a little tighter round the middle than they used to be.

Anyway the original point was to be that whenever anyone comments it is always “You do know that they made the SS Uniforms, DON’T YOU?”  At which point I am usually floundering for a response.  A great many companies cosied up to Hitler & The Nazi Party, especially German ones, but also a few  British & American ones.

Yet more backing up


As disks are so cheap at present, I have added a couple more to my back up my archive. The archive currently covers a number of 2TB disks, many of the images were shot with EOS 1D, EOS 1D mkIIn & Mark 4s, since upgrading to 1Dx bodies the rate that I am filling 2TB disks is increasing. SO another 10TB (5 to use & 5 as a back up).

Disappointment today


I was supposed to be photographing Brentford v Blackburn Rovers today, traveled to Griffin Park (thank god it was at home) only to find that I wasn’t on the list. Would have been a good game to cover being the last game of the season & the Brentford Team spending some time post-match thanking their fans.  Anyway, it was not to be, so an early bath, fortunately my Sat Nav alerted me to a huge tailback on the A3.


29/04/2017. Fulham v Brentford. Fulham’s Floyd AYITE shoots over the bar

Today saw me photographing two teams that I regularly photograph, playing each other. Both on a good run of results, both seeming to score for fun. So you could bank on it being a draw.