New Toy Time

Canon Ef11-24mm

It’s arrived, Yay…Hopefully that will be the last acquisition for a while. I decided to bite the bullet & buy the lens that I have been hankering for since the announcement of its release.

The Canon 11-24mm F4L is certainly Canons widest linear corrected zoom lens. It is quite a weighty piece of glass. It is nice to use however the lens cap is a bit of a pain, because of the size of it, it will not fit in a pocket easily so I picked up a Lee Filters fabric cap.

Been Playing Again


Sitting around whilst listening to Totteringham getting all “Spursy” I thought that I would have a go at a style of photography that I have never tried before, essentially floating product shots. I am not a huge fan of playing around with Photoshop, other than to crop/balance & other basic edits, but this type of work requires the building of images from multiple layers. This is a simple composite of two images, one the background & the other of the light meter. I certainly won’t be doing anything like this tomorrow during the football, as I will be glued to the Arsenal v Newcastle game.

Bloody Hell!

img_0290aWell that was bigger than I expected it to be…Purchased a couple of items for the studio kit, which will be going on a trip fairly soon. Amongst the acquisitions was a 135cm Deep Octo Box, a 100cm Octo Box, a few grids and various reflectors, barndoors etc. However on delivery of the 135cm box I opened it up and had a bit of a test run, damned the thing is huge.  I know it is 135cm in diameter, but ‘kinell’ it is big.

It’s first run out will be some corporate h&s & 1/2 length photos which should be fun!

Part One Completed

Today had several photo related events going on… firstly the studio kit went to the store-room at Guildford Spectrum to do some H&S photos. Still a few more to do I think

Player Profile Photos

img_3203-editNeeded to shoot some player profile photos, so the studio kit travelled to  the Spectrum Stadium, the only useable space is a a store room, the clubhouse would be suitable if it was empty, but as fans are wanting beer I set up temporary home in a cupboard.

Not exactly the most salubrious of spaces, shared as it was with javelins, hammers & various other bits of athletics equipment. However, after 20 minutes of setting up, we were ready to work through the list. Some players were unavailable so we will be back again.