About the Author

He Swears a Little Bit

He Swears a Little Bit

I am a press photographer supplying news, sports and celebrity images to national and international newspapers, magazines etc. 40 years old and behaving more like a juvenile everyday.

Often described as a miserable tight-fisted bastard, although not often more than once, as a smack in the face tends to encourage people to reconsider their views, I am actually a miserable, tight-fisted viscious bastard.

The object of the blog is not to annoy people it is simply my thoughts, some less coherent than others on Life, The Universe and the world of press photography in general.

There are many references to the consumption of alcohol, remember it isn’t big or clever to get w*nkered on beer, however, getting off your tits on weed is!

As with everything on this blog, the following disclaimer applies: Please, Please, Please do not try anything suggested on this blog at home, please go to a friends house or the pub and try it there. There is really no point in being an arsehole without an audience. Even if they don’t appreciate it.

So If I have upset you, or the social group, or the special school that you attend, I really, really don’t care, if you feel very strongly about it, send me an email, and you can have your very own, personalised F*ckoff-o-gram. Not happy with that? Write to your MP, or the Daily Mail, I am sure you already have their address in your diary.

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi, did you used to have togsblog.co.uk?

    Anyway, I think I may have bought your WFT-e1 off you via ebay a few years back.

    If that was you, just wanted to say thanks… its still working well!

    Cheers, Marcus

  2. Hi, URGENT: i’m trying to find a photographer credit – did you photograph Surrey Harmony (a music group) for Surrey Monocle in 2006? I can send you a scan to remind you.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Glad to hear you’re keeping busy, photography wise, and hope all is well, life wise. 🙂



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