My First Camera…nearly

Actually my first camera was a Christmas present from my dad and was a Zenit EM in 1979, and whilst it taught me the basics & I learned to develop & print with it, it was, basically crap. So in 1980 I upgraded (a little) to the Cosina CT-1, I also added 70-150mm zoom lens and continued to learn more & more, After upgrading the darkroom equipment from an old Johnson Wray Enlarger to an LPL C7700 & an EL Nikkor 50mm F2.8 I started to see the weakest link was the cheap glass, the standard lens was OK but the zoom was atrocious so in 1981, with money from Christmas & Birthdays and a loan from my mum & all of the Saturday Job money I had I replaced the CT-1 with a Canon A1, adding in due course a FDn 24mm F2, and an FDn 100mm F2.8, two of the sharpest lenses that Canon made at the time.

Anyway I had been looking for a Cosina CT-1 to add to the collection for quite a long time and most of the ones that I had seen were either totally borked or in such poor condition that I couldn’t be bothered to bid on them. Anyway last week a really tidy one came up and had the original standard lens, it was a little more expensive than I wanted to pay, but I’ve done it now. Just need to give a thorough clean, whack a new battery in it and some XP2 and away we go. One thing that I had forgotten is just how small these cameras are in comparison to my current gear.