Been a while….

05/02/2022 Colliers Wood United v Guildford City. City’s Harrison Livingstone scores

It’s been a little while since I updated the blog & in fact been a while since anything really work related, mainly because everything went “tits up” during the initial Covid 19 lockdown & it has never really recovered. Hopefully some new developments over the next few months will improve matters. Anyway more importantly Guildford City have appointed a new manager (well actually brought forward his appointment from the end of this season) to get the club ready for next seasons push for promotion.

With any management change there tends to be other moves as well, City say goodbye to two regular scorers in Jordan Adeyemi, and Guildford stalwart who came up through the ranks at Guildford City Boys & Girls to play regularly for the seniors, Mikey Coppinger.

It’s early days, but the new manager comes with a wealth of experience, mainly at higher levels in the footballing pyramid, and his first game in charge resulted in a win, you frequently get boosts in performances with a manager change as players decide to fight for their places. Hopefully a start to build on.

05/02/2022 Colliers Wood United v Guildford City. New Guildford Manager Nikki Bull during the match.

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