Guildford City FC Fundraising Dinner

25/11/2021 Guildford City FC Fundraising Dinner with Matt Le Tissier of Southampton FC

A splendid evening at the Mandolay Hotel in Guildford for a fundraising dinner & a talk by Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier. A horrible mixture of LED RGB lighting & conventional tungsten lights means that colour balance was a right royal pain in the backside, as I really didn’t want to chuck flash at everything. Matt was very amusing & the host was also very good. I understand that the evening was a success in fundraising terms & certainly most of the guests seemed to enjoy it.

Needed a new charger

The old AA 12 Bay charger packed up, I can’t complain it has had quite a lot of use. So seeing as I only had a couple of 4 bay chargers knocking about, decided that I should get a new one. Spotted a bit of a bargain, as I couldn’t find many 12 bay or larger chargers on Amazon. Ideally I would like a larger number of bays, as I like to recharge all of my batteries the day before I need them, which even with the 16 Bay charger it is going to mean filling it twice to charge all of the batteries.