Who’d Have Thunk It

Who’d have thought that upgrading an unsupported Mac from High Sierra to something more modern would be so difficult, starting yesterday, just after finishing the cutting out for the light case, I decided, STUPIDLY, to upgrade my MacPro.

Anyway long story short, with some (actually quite a lot) help from MacFinder (who supplied said MacPro some 3 plus years ago) I am now as up to date as the machine is likely to get, so MacFinder will have a another chunk of change from me in a year or so for a replacement.

AS it goes there are not too many issues with running Catalina on an old 5.1 MacPro, the only issue that I can report is that it doesn’t support the older WiFi standard, but I can live with running internet via Ethernet, and the other functions that WiFi bought with it like Airdrop I have never had before, so no probs. I can’t upgrade further to BigSur as also bluetooth & other things stop working, so at least I have another 20 months or so before beating up the piggy bank.

I have subsequently been informed that I could have gone to Mojave with slightly less effort, but as I have always/sometimes/occasionally/never said, if you are going to go for it, go big or go home.