Getting Old

CF Cards

Must be losing my mind, I left the Brentford match on Saturday convinced that I had picked up everything, until I got to the car & thought f*ck it I have left a 16Gb CF Card on the Electronic Advertising were I was sitting. Thinking it’s not worth traipsing all the way back to the ground to collect it. I wasn’t too fussed as I had already copied the contents to the laptop.

Checked everywhere when I got home, and next day I ordered a couple of new 32Gb CF Cards. No sooner than I had placed the order, I looked at the fleece I had been wearing the day before, which was sitting on top of my lens box, and I could see through the mesh on the breast pocket a shiny CF Card. Yep, daft old sod, I forgot to check that pocket.

Anyway, probably was about time to replace them as they have been on front line duty for a couple of years.

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