Damned Wet…

Queens Park Rangers v Derby County
EFL Sky Bet Championship

Well that was fun, it peed with rain all bloody day, kit is now all in the airing cupboard and the camera bag is propped up in front of the radiator, hopefully dry for tomorrows job, or otherwise I will have to just travel light.




“U is for Umbrella, we use it in the rain, we hope that we shan’t want one, till we’re home again”

Photographing football almost certainly means at some point in the season you are going to get very wet, and as everyone knows computers & water don’t mix, so to protect the laptop whilst wiring from pitchside I have acquired a cover.

I have managed to put it up and fold it back into it’s case, I think that a couple of practice sessions with it are required before it goes used in anger (unless it pees with rain on Saturday).