iCap Review


iCap Min Pro, nicely packed into it’s pouch

Having had the iCap for just over week, I thought I’d share my thoughts. Firstly it is a great idea and works really rather well, especially at football when it is peeing with rain, I have it sitting on top of my ThinkTank Airport Accelerator V2.0 which in turn is lying on top of my PeliCase 1510. This means that the laptop is at a nice working height for me whilst sitting on the MinMax stool.


Macbook Pro all snug in the iCap

It provides great protection (in this case to a 13.3 Macbook Pro) from the rain, and it would work equally as well as a sun shade.


iCap folded flat, in readiness for either erecting or packing away


The only issue that I have, and it becomes less of a problem the more I have practiced it, is folding it away to fit back in it’s little pouch. I have managed it a couple of times, but probably need to practice a few more times before being entirely comfortable with it.


iCap folded back into it’s little pouch, honest I did manage it

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