First Weekend



First weekend off in quite a while, happily it co-incided with a Bank Holiday & the warmest one at that for a number of years. So a couple of days at the coast were in order. I wasn’t planning on taking any kit with me, but in the end I chucked a body & 24-70mm in the car. I had recently purchased a 3rd body for use behind the goals at football, so it seemed prudent to take it & give it a work out. In hindsight I should probably have given the sensor a clean first.

The camera was a used EOS1 Dx,  it doesn’t look like it has been heavily used, but it has. I have seen colleagues with kit in far worse nick. If at the end of the day the shutter fails, it’s a cheap enough job to replace it & the mirror box.

So a trip to see the Poppies:Wave at the Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson in Portsmouth was planned with a couple of friends, it is very impressive, I just wish that it hadn’t been quite so busy as I would have liked to shoot it from a few different angles.


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