Sutton v Aldershot


28/04/2018. Sutton United v Aldershot Town. Action from Gander Green Lane. Aldershot Town’s Scott RENDELL scores from the spot

Bloody Hell, it’s the end of April, I took all of my cold weather gear out of the car two weeks ago, (I know bloody fool) not expecting to need it again for a while.  But yesterday at Sutton v Aldershot Town, it was about 8 degrees.  Far too cold for a fleece & jeans, but that was all I had, ok I had my rain proofs, but that was it, by the end of the first half I was frozen (I do have a bit of a problem with Raynaud’s which means I feel the cold worse than most). Anyway the first half of the game was probably the worst 45 minutes of football that I have seen in the last couple of years.