Ok last week was cold..

Fulham v QPR 0894

Fulham’s Floyd AYITE & QPR’s Darnell FURLONG

But f*ck me yesterday at the Fulham v QPR match was even colder. I couldn’t feel my fingers after the first 20 minutes of the game. which made it kind of difficult to find the back button for AF, even finding the shutter release was hit & miss. Took fully 40 minutes in the car with the heater blowing on my feet before they defrosted.


Gitzo Pod

Gitzo Monopod 0002

18/03/2018. Gitzo Travel MonoPod GM2562T


Having had a Manfrotto CarbOne monopod for about 18 years & an aluminium Manfrotto monopod since 1980, it seemed about time to replace, especially as the Clip Locks on the CarbOne are difficult to use with gloves on. After some research (OK I looked on Amazon) I found one that will do the job, and as a bonus will also fit in the Pelicase with the 400mm, rather than being “bungy strapped” to the outside of the case.

As with most things that are overpriced, it came in  very luxurious packaging, including a plastic holder containing an Allen key & a set of instructions. Whilst it is not as tall as either of my other monopods, it will be used whilst sitting down 95% of the time.