F*ck that’s wide

18/03/2018. Canon 14mm F2.8L mkII

18/03/2018. Canon 14mm F2.8L mkII


I haven’t had a 14mm for a little while,  the last one that I had was a Sigma 14mm F2.8 which I had on loan for a review which was Ok, prior to that I had a Canon 14mm F2.8L which was pretty poor, not sure whether I just had a poor example or whether they were all as bad. However, I decided that I should have one in my bag, so I went for the Canon 14mm F2.8 L mkII.

I will update when I have had a chance to use it in anger!


Wet Wipes?!

Zeiss Wipes

When I  had the kit calibrated a few weeks ago, the guy recommended (and even gave me a few) Zeiss Lens Wipes. Having used them I purchased some from Amazon & was slightly surprised at how cheap they are. Definitely recommend having a few in your camera bag.