Sunbury House GVs

Sunbury Bomber Residence GV 0014

Today saw me at an address in Sunbury-on-Thames, which is allegedly the home of one of the suspected bombers at Parsons Green.

Sunbury Bomber Residence GV 0058


Brentford Draw

Brentford v Reading 0001

Yesterday saw me at the Brentford v Reading “M4 Derby” main shooting stock images, but some action as well.

Posh Screen Protector


A screen protector arrived today for my iPad, and if the packaging is anything to go by it should be f*cking awesome! I have used a few protectors over the years but never have any of them turned up in such a posh looking folder.

I have fitted it, and seems to look the part, time will tell if it is any good.



Having had issues with the image sizes that the iPad was receiving from the cameras (about 2000 pixels by 1400, and nothing that the authors of any of the software  worked) for the past couple of weeks,  I decided to do a complete restore & re-install all of the applications, which seems to have solved the problem, however, in the meantime I accidentally seem to have ordered an iPad pro.

So with the impending release of iOS 11, and the fact that Photogene has been reporting that the next iOS upgrade will not be supported, and the author seems to have gone AWOL, I decided that I should prepare by updating the apps that I am going to be using when the upgrade arrives.

Having dealt with the author of ShutterSnitch I shall be retaining that application, as there maybe some really interesting developments on their way,  PicturePro will probably be retained along with Filterstorm in the short term, I shall evaluate them in the first few months and settle on one of them.

Transmit will remain as it is an app that I use across all of the platforms that I use. Snapseed will remain as the route to social media & WeTransfer will remain as  the way of moving video footage.


Busy Bunny


Several jobs today including GVs, a beer festival when no-one was awake & Fulham v Cardiff